Hiprolean X-S Review

Is This The Most Potent And Powerful Fat Burning Supplement To Date.

I’ve always enjoyed health and fitness. I love staying in shape. It comes naturally to me. But I soon realized that it doesn’t come so naturally to others.

Others may excel at the gym and going on diets to achieve a sexy body. And others may struggle at this. And I understand that many people trying to lose weight are trying their best, but it is very hard for them to accomplish this task.

Let me tell you a short story, this is the reason why I’m writing this article. I have this one friend who came to me one day asking me to help him lose weight. I gladly accepted to help him, he’s my friend.

We would go to the gym every day and I would tell him what to do and what to eat. I was pretty demanding and a little tough, all because I wanted the best. He had a very hard time accommodating to the tasks I asked of him.

He just couldn’t adjust. And at first I just thought he was being lazy and inactive not wanting to take action. I later realized that he was actually trying his best, and he wanted to lose weight. I just couldn’t see it.

I never saw him for a few months. I had given up on him. After those few months had past, I saw him again and I couldn’t believe it. He had lost so much weight throughout the months that he was unrecognizable. I was more than amazed, I was shocked. 

I asked him what on earth he did to lose so much weight.

He told me he had been using a diet supplement to increase his energy levels so he didn’t feel lazy. He said it increased his metabolism so while he was working out at home he would burn excess fat and lose more weight.

I was really impressed by his achievements. So I bought the product for my own personal use, and I would like to share with you my experiences using it so far.

And it’s called Hiprolean X-S.

What is Hiprolean X-S

Firstly what is Hiprolean X-S?

Hiprolean X-S is a weight loss, fat burning diet supplement pill from the trusted Evolution Slimming. It is currently one of their best selling items on the market. Known for its success rate in effectively burning fat and shredding pounds off the body.

 It is highly effective in suppressing your appetite and burning fat cells at such a high rate, you lose weight even without working out.

It’s highly complex and potent ingredients make it one of the best fat burning products on the market.

How Does Hiprolean X-S Work And Will It Help Me Burn Fat?

I know what you must be thinking.

“How will this product help me lose weight?” Let me answer that in full.

Hiprolean X-S works by suppressing your appetite. This will allow you full control over your food carvings. And as we all know if you eat less food, you lose more weight.

It will increase your energy levels so that you are more active during the day. It will help improve your mental alertness and focus allowing you to physically burn fat during the day.

The potent and powerful formula used to create Hiprolean X-S will increase the speed of your metabolism. It is so powerful that it will actually breaks down the fat cells in the body, and use it as energy. This means you will literally burn fat while you are sleeping.   

As I worked out more and more I began to notice my energy level increase. Which inevitably lead to me losing more weight. 

Hiprolean X-S Ingredient’s

The main components that form the key ingredients of Hiprolean X-S is.

  • Dimethylpentylamine – Extracted from the Geranium plant. And is known to help control appetite and boost energy levels in the body.
  • Trimethylxanthine – Which is a different form of caffeine.This increases the body’s metabolism so you burn fat at a fast rate. You even burn fat when you are sleeping.
  •   Caffeine – This will increase the circulation of fatty acids in the body and enhance fat oxidation which in turn aids weight loss.
  • Raspberry ketones – This natural ingredient that burns fat increases the body’s metabolic rate by using the body’s own fat stores as a source of energy. Breaking down the body’s own fat cells as a source of energy. Meaning your burning more fat.
  •  Siberian Ginseng – This stimulant makes you more energetic giving you more energy during the day. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Using Hiprolean X-S?

As of right now there are no known side effects, nor are there any official complaints online. I have looked for many reviews online to suggest any possible side effects.

When I first started using Hiprolean X-S I felt a bit jittery and slightly sick with an unsettled stomach. The feeling went away after a few days of using Hiprolean X-S.

So far customer response to Hiprolean X-S is positive. I believe it is the most potent and powerful fat burning product on the market. And I am amazed by the results so far.

What Cautions Should You Take When Using Hiprolean X-S?

Before you think about using Hiprolean X-S or purchasing it, I first have to caution you about certain properties about this product that you might not be aware off. So you just have a full understating about this product, so you can decide if this is the right product for you.

Hiprolean X-S contains caffeine and may not be suitable for vegetarians as the capsule shell contains gelatin. However Evolution Slimming has released caffeine free version of Hiprolean X-S just to address this issue.

It is suggested to not exceed the daily dosage of 2 capsules a day. And drink roughly about 2-3 liters of water a day alongside Hiprolean X-S.

It is highly recommended that if you are pregnant or a nursing mother or a child under 18 with any known medical conditions to consult a doctor first before using this product.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Hiprolean X-S?

Hiprolean X-S is a fast acting all natural supplements that takes effect in almost 30 minutes. It helped me to control my appetite and food cravings so that I felt full during the day, allowing me to think less about eating. This allowed me to lose more weight as my food consumption had been reduced.

A major benefit of using Hiprolean X-S is that it gives the user a huge energy boost. This allows the user to be active throughout the whole day. Prepping the body, so you don’t feel tired or lazy, but giving the right amount of energy to the ideal person who is wishing to lose weight, even without exercise. I felt the energy boost when I was working out. It allowed me to continue on for longer.

Even though Hiprolean X-S can work without any exercise, in order to see increased results its recommend that you do some exercise, to remain active.

Another main benefit is an increased metabolism. Using Hiprolean X-S will intensify your metabolic activity which is vital for burning fat, as it also enhances fatty acid metabolism which further increases the rate at which you will lose weight and burn fat. 

What I Didn’t Like About Hiprolean X-S

Price is always an underlying factor when it comes to purchasing diet products. And unfortunately Hiprolean X-S is not that exception. This product is fairly expensive, costing £49.99 per bottle. This is a lot of money and many may not be able to consistently purchase it. This is one of the few things I didn’t like about Hiprolean X-S. But you’re in luck, if you read further I will provide you with a 25% discount on your purchase.

Another thing I didn’t like about Hiprolean X-S is that you can only buy it online. You can’t find it in your retail store. You have to pay for it online at Evolution Slimmings official website. This might be a problem for those who don’t have credit cards and can’t do online purchasing.

The final thing I didn’t like was the potential of side effects. And How I felt the first couple of days using it. 


  • Fast acting fat burner
  • Energy booster
  • Increases metabolism
  • Suppresses appetite
  • 100% natural


  • Expensive
  • Possible Side Effects
  • Can only buy online

Does Hiprolean X-S Work

I workout quite a bit. But my body doesn't have that lean look. If you were to look at my chest and arms, you would think they look big. But if you were to look at my abs and my stomach you would see a fat slob. So I bought Hiprolean X-S to see if I could get rid of the fat around my stomach. During the first week of taking the supplements I felt more energized during the day. Like I mentioned above I did feel sick. After that point I thought it was a bad idea taking any more. But I continued because I had bought a whole bottle (I spent £49.99 on this - do you think I'm just going to throw it away). But after week 1 I had made no significant results. After week 2 of taking the pills I didn't feel as sick as before. I was slowly getting use to it.

I think the feeling of being sick came about, because I was eating less. After taking the pills I only eat 2 meals a day. And that satisfied me. I didn't go on any diet, I just eat 2 meals that satisfied me, and I was good. I also drank alot of water. After week 3 I started to see some good results. My abs were becoming more defined. And I had lost some fat around my mid-section, but my bottom section is still a problem. That is the hardest part of the body to lose fat. I believe I was able to achieve those results in a short period because I eat less (only two meals a day), and added cardio to my workout.

I did the same process for week 4 and got better results. My mid-section got more defined and lean. The fat around my lower section is harder to work but I'm getting there. Hiprolean X-S is helping me with food control. But its hard to say if it is the only reason I'm burning fat. But over 4 weeks I have become more lean and defined. And it all started when I began taking Hiprolean X-S.

Hiprolean X-S is one of Evolution Slimmings top-selling products to date; this is just not any coincidence. Evolution Slimming has stated that Hiprolean X-S “Is our strongest and fastest acting fat burner”. With many customers purchasing this product in order to help them reach their goals.

I was able to find some positive and negative reviews from real customers who have bought the product. This will give you an idea on the response that has been given so you can form a real opinion.

This review comes from Niclou from Evolution Slimmings official website.

“Started these tablets 5 days ago and have already lost 6lb! I don't feel jittery after the breakfast tablet but do after the lunch one and have a bit of an unsettled tummy but it goes once I eat my dinner/tea and I'm sleeping fine and I'm not snacking. I would highly recommend these tablets to anyone who wants a kick start to their diet.”

But of course not everyone will have the exact same experience. Here is a review from Hannah.

“Received them today, took 2 this morning, feel a little jittery but not hungry in the slightest. Will update you after 2 weeks.”

And here is one final positive review from Kat

“This stuff does what is says on the tin! Really, REALLY boosts your energy (we have renamed them "sonic" pills). Taken half an hour before the gym and WOWZER what a workout! Definately reduced my appetite and burnt the fat off (I don't do scales but have dropped a dress size in a month). No side effects at all. I will be re ordering very shortly.”

To be real honest it took me a while to just find a negative review about this product. And even then I couldn’t really find any to support the fact that Hiprolean X-S doesn’t work. Most of the reviews which I garnered and look at were all positive.

Where To Buy Hiprolean X-S And How Much Does It Cost ?

Unfortunately you cannot buy Hiprolean X-S from your medical retail store. And you won’t find it on Amazon either. You can only purchase it from Evolution Slimmings official website. But there is always an upside.

If you purchase Hiprolean X-S from Evolution Slimming you automatically save 17% on your purchase. Other retailer’s that provide you with this product will increase the price as they do not own the product and will add extra for shipping.

By buying from Evolution Slimming they will also provide you with special offer if you wish to purchase the product in bulk.

Hiprolean X-S at the discounted price costs £49.99.

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The Bottom Line

Hiprolean X-S is one of Evolution Slimmings best sold product to date. It is one the most effective fat burning supplement I have used. Therefore I can understand why the price is high. But due to customer trust and satisfaction I think it’s well worth it. You can visit the Hiprolean X-S website if you want to learn more.

Click here to learn more about Hiprolean X-S at the Official Website