Proactol XS Review

Is This The Best Fat Binder On The Market?

Losing weight is probably one of the hardest goals anyone can accomplish.

It takes time, dedication and focus. Not to mention consistency and discipline. Many people find it difficult to lose weight, including me.

I have had my fair share of fad diet plans and workout routines that promise me I’ll get ripped in a few weeks. Those never seemed to work for me. Maybe I was too lazy and inconsistent, I don’t know.

I tried many diet pills in the course of my life. Too many to be exact. I’ve always felt self-conscious about my weight and how I look in the mirror. Trying to cover all my fat spots, not wanting to take off my shirt at the beach.

And just always thinking about what other people will think of me and my weight.

Very stressful.     

But slowly I’m reaching my goal. And day by day I’m seeing the results I’ve always wanted. A friend of mine who was going through the exact same problem as me introduced me to a new product she had been using for months. At this point I had given up on diet pills, but I believed her because she had lost so much weight it made me jealous, so I had to try it.

And I would like to share it with you to, and how it has been working for me so far.

And it’s called Proactol XS. To learn more about the product you can visit their official website.

What is Proactol XS

I know what you must be thinking.

“What on earth is Proactol XS”?

Let me give a simple explanation. Proactol XS is a weight loss supplement and a certified fat binder that can help you lose weight much more easily and effectively by reducing your fat intake.

This means that you don’t have to starve yourself or go on any fancy diet. Proactol XS works by reducing your fat intake and giving you more control over your food cravings.

Backed by over 40 clinical studies, which all claim that Proactol XS is an effective fat binder and all natural, safe, weight loss solution.

This is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

How Does Proactol XS Work And Can It Help With My Weight Loss ?


You must be asking “How does Proactol XS work and can it help me lose weight?”

Let me tell you how it works. 15 minutes before a meal take two capsules. Do this 3 times a day. And how it works is that each capsule of Proactol XS contains Chitosan which is a very fibrous substance that is well known to make you feel full after every meal.

This made me feel very full after eating. It helped me reduce my annoying food cravings and gave me more control over my eating habits by tricking my body to think it is full. By eating less this drastically helped me lose weight.

“That’s all well and good, but how will it make me lose weight.”

Good question…..

When Proactol XS is taken before each meal it forms a gel like substance in the stomach area. When eating food the gel binds fat and bile acids from the digested food leaving the fat indigestible. Meaning that your body will absorb less fat. And therefore increase fat reduction and weight loss.

Is Proactol XS The Right Product For You ?

“Can this product work for me? Can it help me to reach my weight loss goals?” I had these same questions. Let’s try answer them.

This product might be for you if you are finding a difficult time losing weight through traditional dieting methods. You’ve tried to eat the salads and the low carb foods, but it’s just not working. This can happens for many reasons. (I had this exact problem).

The most common reason is your diet plan isn’t right. And you are forced to eat these bland boring foods and many people break and go back to their normal eating habits.

I was one of those people.

By using Proactol XS it helps to keep your fat intake in check, allowing me to still enjoy all my favorite foods.

Proactol XS just might be for you if you find it difficult to control your appetite. One of the main factors of weight gain is over eating. Eating when it is not necessary. A lack of control in your eating schedule can cause excessive weight gain.

Some people have a problem controlling when they eat. And some eat when they are not even hungry.

Proactol XS will work for you. As after a meal it will help you feel fuller. Reducing the need to eat constantly and lower your food cravings. It will give you more control over your eating habits and will considerably help in losing weight like it did for me.  


What Are The Benefits Of Using Proactol XS?

Using Proactol XS gave me many benefits that helped me on my weight loss journey. It did not only help me lose a lot of weight but can give rise to many health benefits. Let’s go through some right now.

Using Proactol XS helped improve my digestive system. In order to increase your weight loss results it is imperative that you have a clean working digestive system. When using this product it provided me with a high natural source of fibre that helped improve my bodies’ inner working system.

Another major benefit of using Proactol XS is that it helped me control my food cravings. Many people suffer from food cravings, and that is the main source of weight gain. Using Proactol XS helped me feel much fuller after a meal and reduced my need to eat again, which will lead to me losing more weight and fat.

Proactol XS is an all-natural product. This reduces the chances of any side effects, this provides a safe and healthy way to lose weight and when successfully used can lead to you having and maintaining a healthy body weight, which you can be satisfied with. 

 And the main benefit is that it helps to reduce body mass, by controlling your fat intake. It helps to reduce your body fat levels by binding the fat to your food to then be absorbed to the body as energy instead of being stored as excess fat. After 2 weeks I looked more slimmer as the fat around my hips was slowly decreasing.


What I Didn’t Like About Proactol XS

I’ve reviewed many products. And they all suffer from the same flaw, which is the price. Proactol XS is not a cheap product. Like many diet supplement products it may be expensive to some who wish to purchase the product. But if you read further I have managed to acquire 10% discount coupon if you are thinking about purchasing this product.

What I didn’t like about Proactol XS is that you cannot buy it from your retail store. It is only available online. This can be frustrating to some who can’t buy online.

One factor that might be worrying is that this product might not have the exact effect on everyone that uses it.

For some it may take weeks to see results, and for others it might take a month. To see results quicker it is suggested to do some exercise this will increase the fat burning rate. 



  • Burns fat easier and faster.
  • Eliminates food cravings.
  • Clinically Proven
  • 100% Safe
  • Save money from expensive surgery
  • Suppresses apatite
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Can only buy Proactol XS online.
  • Results per person may differ 

Does Proactol XS Work

I started using Proactol XS about 4 months ago. At that time I was about 105Kg. During the first 2 weeks of using the poduct I saw no big results. I never assumed I would see any big changes in 2 weeks. But what I did notice is that I was eating less and less everyday. My time using Proactol XS has been a slow one. But I'm sure every weight loss journey is a slow one.

Everything picked up during the 3rd and 4th week. I was not doing any exercises and I wasn't on any diet. What you need to realize is that Proactol XS is not a fat burner. Its a fat binder. I do believe that fat burners are more effective in reducing body fat. But they are more expensive. Fat binders help you control your weight, so you don't get more heavy.

Using this product I didn't see any massive weight loss, thats because fat binders reduce weight over time. It was more of a tool to help me manage my weight. More like a managing tool. What you need to understand is that Proactol XS is a fat binder and appetite suppressant, to help you control your food cravings and manage your weight by blocking fat being digested and absorbed into the body. After 1 month I had lost 3.2Kg. Which was a huge surprise. Mainly because I was eating less and less everyday. I had a normal 3 meals a day. But after my first meal I would feel full so my portions of food for my other meals were reduced.

During Month 2 I had lost 3.1Kg. Making it a total of 6.3Kg's lost over 2 months. Which is more than I expected. And the great thing is that I did nothing, no workouts, no diets, NOTHING, but take Proactol XS. I do believe if I eat right and started working out, I would've lost more.

If you look online there are many customer reviews about the product. You can look at some of the reviews here.  I was able to find some positive and negative reviews from real customers who have used Proactol XS.

This review comes from Hayley from Amazons website.

Really do work, don't know how they do it but they just melt away fat! Amazing!

But of course not everyone has the same experience. Here is a review from CLAIRE.

I bought these to help me achieve my goal which is a stone in weight loss. I have to say I have found no benefit from them at all.

And here is one final positive review from Amanda.

Worked wonders for me so far. Tried it for a month without changing anything else in my diet or doing any extra exercise and lost roughly 10 lbs which is amazing! Just re-ordered the 90 day supply since that seems like a great deal and just help me lose enough weight in the next 3 months.

As you can see many people have varying opinions on how Proactol XS has worked for them but from what I have read, the majority is all positive. And many have claimed it has worked for them and by my research and my own personal use of this product, I believe without a doubt it will work for all those wishing to lose weight. 

Where To Buy Proactol XS And How Much Does It Cost ?

Unfortunately you can only buy Proactol XS online. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By purchasing it online you actually save money. By purchasing Proactol XS from the official site you automatically save $14.44.

Proactol XS costs $59.95

If you were to buy it from other online retailers you would have to pay a considerable amount more, then from the main official site. If you were to buy it from amazon it would cost you close to $125.63 so in actual fact you save $65.68.

Also if you buy from the official website they offer exclusive deals that you won’t find on amazon. You have two options.

If you buy 2 you get one free and save $74.95, or you buy 3 and get 3 free and save $270.93

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The Bottom Line

Proactol XS is an all-natural effective and worthwhile product for anyone who is trying manage their weight. Its positive results I managed to obtain and ingredients help set it apart from all the other products you find online. It may be slow to take effect, but it does what it says it does. It helps to manage your weight and gives you control over your food cravings. You might not lose a ton of weight fast, but it will give you that added control so you lose weight slowly and at your own pace.

Click here to learn more about Proactol XS at the Official Website